Weekend Intensive Childbirth Education

$300+HST per couple|2 weeks: 6 hours per week

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Lamaze Childbirth Education

This comprehensive Childbirth Education class is based on 6 healthy birth practices:

1.  Let labour begin on its own
2.  Walk, move around and change position
3.  Bring a love one, friend or doula for continuous support
4.  Avoid interventions that are not medically necessary
5.  Avoid giving birth on your back
6.  Keep your baby with you at all time

In this 4-week class (3 hours per class), you will learn the following:

  • Relaxation and breathing
  • Comfort measures and positions for labour and birth
  • Preparing the partner
  • How to time contraction, when to call the midwife or go to the chosen location for birth
  • Stages of labour
  • Pain medication, inductions, c-section, what to expect. What to expect in the first few hours postpartum.
  • Breastfeeding basics

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Class/Workshop Details

2 weeks: 6 hours per week
Maria Tamayo
$300+HST per couple

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