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Childbirth Joy Childbirth Education Class

$245 per couple|3 Hours

West End Mamas can help with every aspect of your quest for Motherhood

Enjoy the experience of childbirth by preparing yourself with our childbirth joy education

Join us for the ChildbirthJoy Childbirth Education Intensive and give your baby the best start in life!

One weekend workshop: Friday evening (6:00pm-9:00 pm) and Saturday daytime (9:30 am to 6:00 pm).

Topics covered in ChildbirthJoy CBE Intensive include:

  • A brief discussion of choice of birthplace (i.e. the similarities and differences between Level I, II and III hospitals, The Toronto Birth Centre, and homebirth)
  • Brief review of books and online resources that support your knowledge
  • When to contact your HealthCare Provider (HCP: Registered Midwife or Physician) in pregnancy, including signs and symptoms of preterm labour and what to do
  • Undisturbed Birth: its importance and how to help support this in any setting
  • Ideal fetal position to promote an optimal labour
  • Phases and stages of labour
  • Partner’s role in supporting birth
  • When to call your HCP in birth
  • When to go to the hospital, if planning a hospital birth; what to pack in the birth bag
  • Ways to reduce stress; visualization for an easier birth; relaxation exercises
  • Breathing: different patterns for the early, active and pushing stages of birth
  • Tips to promote a faster, easier birth
  • Pain in labour: what to expect and strategies to promote natural birth
  • Back labour: how to recognize and avoid this
  • Two birth videos that show parents working together for natural birth
  • Brief review of the research on: induction, epidural, caesarean birth
  • The immediate postpartum (Vitamin K for baby, Eye Prophylaxis, delayed cord clamping, establishing breastfeeding); a six minute video of a baby doing the breast crawl is shown.
  • Print, audio and video material (pdfs, mp3, online private link) are provided as part of the course fee.

ALSO: The Evidence Based Birth® Essentials Course for Parents is an online six-part training that all expecting parents will benefit from. This invaluable course is provided free of charge with your booking here.

My philosophy is to help parents work co-operatively with the primary HCP. In healthcare facilities, it just doesn’t work to engage in an adversarial way, but how to have your needs respected and met can be a fine line in today’s birthing environment.

A review on how to realistically communicate with HCPs is provided. It helps first to have a realistic expectation of what happens in birth and what your HCP expects of you. Birth is intense, hard work and can be painful. Knowing this, there are many strategies to make this process much easier and more comfortable.

Secondly, all the teaching is grounded in what the research tells us. As an Evidenced Based Birth Instructor, thousands of journal articles, studies and summaries have been analyzed by a team of medical experts to help you make the best decision possible for a range of “hot topic” issues including, Vitamin K, Eating and Drinking in Labour, Handling Due Dates and more. I have been a Childbirth Educator for over thirty years because I am passionate about helping parents be more empowered.

Along the way, I have been a Doula and a Registered Midwife and I have attended over 500 births in home, hospital and birth centre settings. I am a mother who had two natural births with midwives. Join me for ChildbirthJoy CBE Intensive and let’s explore the wonderful, challenging and immensely rewarding journey into becoming a parent.


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3 Hours
Shawn Gallagher
$245 per couple

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